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Safety and Wellness Gadgets

Bath Water Thermometer

Helps you control water temperature and guarantee your baby is safe during bath time

Child Smart Watch

Make sure your child is safe wherever they are

Child Night Time Monitor and Sensor

Intelligent motion detection technology that senses your child’s motions and sends you notifications

Distance Thermometer

Intelligent fever indicator

Communications Gadgets

Phone Screen Projector

Relieves discomfort and visual fatigue by magnifying the screen up to 3 times its original size

Car Charger, Bluetooth and USB Portal

All in one dual charger with a built in microphone and a hands free function

Light-Up Speakers

Exciting lighting experience that syncs with your favorite music


Speech and Text Translator

99% accurate real time voice and text language translation

Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices

Multifunctional wireless quick charging station

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